Our Classes 

Musical Theatre School provides weekly classes for ages 4 years up to adults. We specialise in Singing, Dancing and Drama classes, and provide a variety of performance opportunities to all of our students.


Our range of classes are tailored for each age group, and suitable for if you are looking to work on a particular aspect of Musical Theatre, or looking to develop as an all rounded performer.




Within each singing class, we aim to work on a range of vocal warm up games and exercises to strengthen the voice, develop your singing muscles and extend your vocal range.

As well as this, we will work on the overall tone of your voice, and help to develop your projection skills.

We learn a variety of singing styles and genres, such a Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Choral and Disney, all of which will include the use of harmony within group singing, and provide opportunities for solo parts.

We have singing classes available for all age groups including an adult class.

Students have the opportunity to take an examination in singing with the London College of Music.



Our drama classes provide our students with the opportunity to explore new characters and acting styles. We work on the projection of speech, teach children how to develop their improvisation and writing skills, help them to build on their self confidence and work on the importance of stage presence and positioning.


All of our performances include an aspect of drama in order to encourage children to perform their work.

We have drama classes available for 4-8 years, and 9-17 years.

Students have the opportunity to take an examination in acting with LAMDA.


The dance classes we offer are based around a Musical Theatre style of dance. We work on limbering and strengthening the muscles, improving your fitness level, group dances and formation, partner work and the importance of spatial awareness. There is an opportunity for students to perform their work and to combine their singing and dance skills in performance.

Our dance classes are available for all age groups including adults.


Musical Theatre School provides at least one workshop per year for ages 5 - 17 years. The workshops give the students freedom to work alongside different age groups, to produce a variety of singing, dance and drama material within a short space of time. There is a large amount of opportunity for students to be creative within all three subjects, including making costumes, props, and set design. The students have the chance to develop their ideas and to direct each other in order to put together a performance. The students have the opportunity to perform their work at the end of the workshop.

Private Lessons...

Musical Theatre School offers private lessons in singing and acting to all ages. The lessons can be tailored to suit the individual in terms of lesson content, and the aims and skills we would work on during each lesson. Students wishing to take an examination in singing or acting will require private lessons. The lessons are offered in time slots of 30 mins, 45 mins, or 1 hour and will be taught in Coalville. Please contact Steph for further details and pricing information.






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