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It is important for all of our MTS students to be wearing comfortable clothing in class, particuarly if they are taking part in a dance class.


Leggings, jogging bottoms or shorts are advisable, and a loose fitted t-shirt or vest top.

Footwear also needs to be comfortable, and so jazz shoes, plimsoles or pumps would be appropriate to wear in class.


There are MTS t-shirts and hoodys available to buy, which are available in navy blue or bright blue with the MTS logo. You can also personalise your hoody and have your name printed on the back!


If you are attending a singing or a drama class, it is handy to have a folder ready to keep all of your song lyric sheets and drama scripts in. This means you can keep all of your words together, and you can bring them along to class each week.


You might also want to bring along a pencil so that you can make any markings to your words and scripts if you have a solo line, particularly when we are preparing for a performance.


We ask that all students bring along a drink to class with them, particularly if they are singing or dancing as it is important to stay hydrated at all times. For students that are attending more than one class, you may want to bring a small snack with you.












For all students attending an MTS Workshop, the same clothing and equipment advise is given. Please make sure you also send children with a packed lunch and plenty to drink throughout the workshop day.



1. How do I pay for my child's class?

Parents can pay on arrival each week in cash, or if you prefer, you can pay by online bank transfer for each month in advance.


2. Do I stay with my child during the class?

Some children take a little bit of time to settle into a new environment, and parents are more than welcome to stay for the class. We would advise parents to try and leave part-way through the class once the child has settled.


3. Can my child join in the class if I just turn up on the day?

Yes, anyone is welcome to come and join in with an MTS class. There is a simple form that we ask you to fill out when you arrive, before the class begins.


4. When will I get to see my child perform?

At MTS we perform at least 2 shows a year, however there are a variety of opportunities for children to perform at public fetes and events which are usually around the Christmas season and during the summer holidays.


5. Can I photograph and video my child?

All parents must give written consent for photographs to be taken of their child when joining MTS. We ask that you please check with Steph before taking photos or videos, if your recording is to include other children.






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